What Is Zero-based Planning And How Is It Done?


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Zero-based planning is done to shape decisions about the marketing communication tools that are to be used based on the elements of the particular year's situation analysis, SWOT analysis and communication objectives rather than just planning in accordance with the budget of the previous year. As for the carriage of zero-based planning, it is accomplished in four definite steps. In the first step of zero-based planning, the determination of the key communication problem that is to be solved, takes place.

Next follows the second step that is directly related to the marketing communication tools and involves an analysis that is done to explore the respective strengths and weaknesses of the marketing communication tools, which are finalized to be used in the marketing campaign. The third step is a combination of the first two steps and involves the determination of the level of suitability between the problem to be solved and the marketing tool that would be needed to solve it. Lastly other marketing communication areas are identified along with the tools that are to be used to back the lead marketing program.

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