What Documents Are Needed To Apply For Social Security Benefits?


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When one applies for these benefits he should take or provide certain documents. The documents will tell what types of benefits are required while filling the form. By providing these documents, will help in fast processing and the person will get the pay benefits faster. Don't delay in filing the application just because the papers or documents are not complete this will slower the process.
Following is the list of documents which are needed when signing up for the Social Security benefits:

• Social Security card or a record of number.
• Birth certificate.
• Children's birth certificates needed only when they are applying.
• Evidence of citizenship or legal status of a person or of a spouse or children who is applying.
• Spouse's birth certificate and Social Security number only if the spouse is applying for Social Security benefits based on earnings.
• Marriage certificate only needed when spouse is applying for the benefits.
• Military discharge papers if served in military.

These are general documents which are needed by the Social Security and they will ask for more if desired.

Social Security benefits are normally paid by direct deposit. Direct deposit is a safe, protected and easy method to obtain the benefits. Ensure that one has his checkbook or account statement with him when he applies.
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I am 65 July 6th and would like to know what documents I need to
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Call your local Social Security office and ask for the official website for Social Security information. Read the information carefully. You may find that you don't need any documents to complete your application.
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Do I need the divorce decree from my second husband if I am collecting my share of his social security?

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