Can You Transfer Social Security Disability Benefits From A State To Another?


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Moving to another state should not affect your ability to keep receiving your Social Security Disability payments. These payments are federal benefits administered by the Government.

However you must make sure that you take certain steps either before or immediately after your move to ensure that your Social Security payments or direct deposits are not delayed. In some cases you could even receive an increased benefit payment if you move to a state that has a higher cost of living, for instance California.

Your first step should be to call the Social Security Administration or visit their local office to ensure your benefits are transferred properly. Make sure that you have a new address to provide so that you can continue to receive your benefits after you move. If you are receiving direct deposit, then you will just need to update your information with the Social Security office.

You can find your local Social Security Administration office by searching for it on their website (

Since telephone lines often have very long waiting times and require a lot of button pressing to get through to the relevant department, you may find it quicker and easier to visit your local office in person. Just remember to bring all your relevant documentation and information with you so that the process is as quick and easy as possible.
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Sure you can.  I am on disability and have live in South Carolina and Virginia. You just need to give Social Security your new address so they can send you information and if you don't have direct deposit they will need to know where to send you your check.
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Please tell me if my son has SSI now in the state of Mississippi, would the amount of money be the same when I move to Georgia? How do I transfer?
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Yes you can if you relocate just make the social security aware of your new address....the best to you
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My granddaughter is on ssi (lives in Idaho), and wants to move to that just a matter of transfer records and is the amount the same...would it be more or less...Also if she recieves food stamps in Idaho would she be able to receive the same amount? (would it be more or less) Is Oregon compatible to the state of Oregon?
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Will your ssdi disability transfer to another state if you want to move to be nearer family?

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