How Can I Find Information About Medicare And Disabled People Less Than 65 Years Of Age?


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If you are in the US, the Social Security Administration prvides SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) payments for those who are eligible. Medicare or Medicaid becomes a part of the disability package depending on age and total income. Your states Department of Vocational Rehabilitation may also be involved is a disability results in a job change, new education or training, etc. They set up a case file where all service agencies sit in as a "Team" to help guide the individual through this process.

Just as a note - it is not politically correct or kind to refer to someone as "dumb." Yes, there are agencies and organizations devoted to visual disabilities, Division of the Blind, etc... and there are organizations that work with those who are deaf. Needless to say, there are all degrees of vision and hearing loss... just as there are multiple types of disability.
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YEAH, after a 2-4 year wait. 70% of disabled applicants are denied on the first application and 68% on the second. Then you wait for a meeting with a real review board indefinitely. One can die before approval. You may get a retroactive settlement, but you got to pay the attorney from that, and there is no way to pay bills while you are sick, so you just get sicker and no one cares, not Social Security nor your senator.
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My step brother is physically and mental disabled, His father is retiring Jan. 1 and he will lose his medicare benefits, and his prescription's run about 700.00 a month. Is there any programs out there that he may get any assistance from?
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There are NGOs' and other governmental organizations who worked for these disabled people.There are associations for blind or deaf etc deaf and dumb schools for these people.

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