How Much Do You Get For Disability In NY State?


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It really depends on your condition and your individual case. You can't be sure precisely how much you're going to get for disability in NY State, but of course, you must remember that you won't be able to obtain it if you are already obtaining social security unemployment benefits.

Hundreds of thousands of people in New York receive disability benefits every single year from the Social Security Administration. The US federal agency sponsors a disability program for every American citizen that meets the disability and work requirements, and all benefits are paid according to rules and on either a permanent or temporary basis. The amount that you will receive will be based on your earning record.

Those who receive disability benefits in New York are served by the SSA's New York Region. This also covers all residents within Puerto Rico, New Jersey and the Virgin Islands. Nearly 500,000 workers within New York receive benefits in 2009, and overall, more than $3.6 billion in monthly benefits (including disability benefits) were paid to residents of New York that same year. 

The SSA has a number of requirements that you need to meet before you are accepted for your disability coverage. You need to have either injuries, impairments or an illness that lasts for, at the very least, one year. You will of course also be eligible if you have a terminal illness of any kind. The disability must also impede your ability to do any job out there or your ability to adjust to other kinds of work.

The SSA will also require that you will have earned the minimum amount of work credits, and of course paid into the Social Security scheme whilst you have been in work in the past.

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