How Much Do You Get For Unemployment, In Texas?


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There is no way to determine how much unemployment benefits you will be granted because it can vary by quite a bit depending on your situation and your earnings depending on the period of time that is covered in your unemployment claim. The only way for you to know for sure would be to speak to an official person who can give you all the details and then file for unemployment.
Before the invention of the Internet and telephone, if you wanted to claim for unemployment then you would have had to spend hours standing in queues and filling out forms. But thanks to today’s technology, filling for unemployment can be done easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home.
If you want to apply on the Internet, then log onto the Texas Workforce Commission Website (TWC). They will be able to provide you with all the information you will need on filing for unemployment. From the Unemployment Insurance Benefits page on the TWC website, click on the ‘Apply for Benefits’ link which will take you to the application form. Provide all the information that you are asked for, making sure that it is all correct and accurate and click submit. Applications can also been done over the telephone but remember that phone applications are only accepted Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm whereas online applications can be submitted at any time.
Once the TWC has approved your benefits claim, log onto their website to begin collecting the benefits. These funds will be transferred into your Visa debit or credit card bank account and you can access them through an ATM machine. Cheques and direct deposits are not available when collecting benefits. If you have filed for weekly unemployment benefits, then you will be asked to provide proof that you are currently actively seeking employment so be ready to provide the names and contact details of all the employers you have contacted.
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It depends on how much money you made prior to being unemployed. They use a percentage-based formula. The current maximum you can get for unemployment in Texas is $392.00. The federal government, due to the high unemployment rate, is also giving an extra $25.00 per week, bringing your total weekly unemployment up a little. But remember, the $392 is the Maximum--many people do not get that much. I lost my job making over 50k per year, and now my paycheck has gone down from $945 per week to $392. It is a painful adjustment. I may not be able to keep my home or truck if I don't find another job soon.

You may also work while receiving unemployment: For instance, let's say I work today and earn $100.00. I would report that when I do my next payment request, and they will subtract that $100 from my $392, and issue me a check for $292 for this week. So do not turn down work. Good luck!
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Will texans be under the new extension,and what if all your benefits are exhausted ,and the last tier was 3,are we included?
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Your unemployment benefits depend on your earnings during the period of time covered in your claim.  That's how it works no matter what state you may be in.

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