How Is The Meeting Agenda Important In The Meetings?


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The most important is to think about the content of agenda items of the meeting. Include only those items that are consistent with the task or tasks you are trying to accomplish. If you solicit and include agenda items from the other people in advance you will not only increase their sense of participation but will also avoid having them enter the meeting with hidden agendas. Differentiate the goals for the various agenda items, like for your information and for accouchements or short reports given during the meeting. The second thing is to consider how the agenda might be used in advance. If after all the primary purpose of a meeting is to solicit other people's ideas, you will get much better response if they can think about the ideas before the meeting.

As a general rule distribute agendas two or three days in advance. Then participants will have enough time to prepare but will be less likely to lose or forget about the agenda than if they receive it too far in advance. If you include names of people in charge of certain sections other participants can volunteer information to those people before the meeting. If you include references to source materials or reports participants can read them before the meeting.

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