What Are The Customer Rights And Duties And Duties Of A Banker?


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Rights of Customer:
A customer has right to draw cheques against his credit balance.He has right to receive pass book from the bank.To sue when the bank has not maintained the secrecy of his account.In case there is over crediting and over debiting, a customer has right to get it corrected.A customer can sue the bank for wrongful dishonour of cheques.

Duties of a Customer:
A customer must present cheques for payment and collection during bank hours.
He should draw the cheques very carefully and in such a way that there is no room left any fraudulent practice.He should keep his cheque under lock and key.He should present cheques for payment before they become outdated. If he finds any forgery in the amounts of the cheque issued by him. It is his duty to warn the banker of the fact at the earliest opportunity.

Duties of Banker:
It is the duty of the banker to honour the cheques issued by the customer.The relationship between banker and customer is obviously a confidential one, so it is the duty of the banker not to revel the secrecy of his customers account. The banker takes care of the property deposited by the customer with or without charge. It is the duty of the banker to look after the property.

The banker abides by the standing order by the customer in making payment on his behalf such as insurance premium etc.In case, the purchase and sale of securities on behalf of customer, it is the duty of the banker to obey the instructions of the bank. While dealing in foreign exchange, the bank must follow exchange control regulations and instructions issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.
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Duties to pay charges by customer and banker also have duty to honour customer cheque

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