What Are Some Of The Different Areas Of Public Relations Applications?


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Public relations in its entirety refers to consolidating the relationship of the organization with all its stakeholders. In order to achieve that, specific boundaries have been demarcated for public relations to become a more specified function so as to generate a greater productivity in terms of outcome. The first area for public relations applications is the media relations dimension. This dimension deals with forming an amiable relationship with the media representatives who deal with the company, which is very important for an organization to survive, specifically considering the instrumental power of the media on the mindsets of the masses.

Another dimension is the employee dimension that is dealt by the human resources department. Achieving employee satisfaction does not only generate a more effective level of performance but also develops organization loyalty among the personnel. One of the most important areas of public relations is that of customers, who are the major point of focus for every successful organization. Naturally public relations is also aimed at them to gain a high level of customer satisfaction at every point. Then there is corporate relations that deals with the maintenance of the organization's image and reputation amongst the corporate circles.

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