What Does A Public Relations Person Do?


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Public relations deals with the impression your client/employer makes; it’s about reputation.  PR officers (also known as communications or media specialists) interface between clients and all types of media and between clients and the public to ensure a positive perception.

A PR job description would normally include the following (not a complete listing):

Arrangements for publicity and news coverage.

Monitoring of media for client-related information or opportunities.

Liaison with colleagues, clients, media, community and consumers.

Develop proposals, implement PR activity to increase product/service awareness.

Promotion of client events, related news stories.

Event management, i.e. Press conferences, promotional.

Creation, distribution of press releases, client publications.

Conduct analysis, market and public opinion research.

Make presentations at internal or external meetings.

Carry out conflict mediation.

PR people are employed both in-house and through consultancies across a broad spectrum of industries: Government agencies ("press secretary”), health care, finance, education, advertising, corporate, non-profit/service groups, charities, consumer organizations or trade/technical institutions.

Interested individuals must possess enthusiasm and an outgoing personality, as well as strong skills in written and verbal communication, interpersonal relations, problem-solving, research and organization.  A college degree in public relations, journalism or communications is frequently required.  Related studies may include business administration, psychology, public speaking, information technology, mass media or advertising.

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics anticipates 24% increase in PR jobs through 2018, making it a rare growth industry in the present economic climate.  They do, however, indicate the likelihood of strong competition for entry-level jobs and stress the need for a degree and the advantage of related work experience.
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A public relations professional is responsible for creating a favourable brand image and thereby enhancing the reputation of the client he is representing. A company acquires a good reputation by offering good quality services, managing its resources (both human and capital resources) efficiently, being stable and consistent in its approach, being honest, committed, professional and conducting its dealings with integrity. Fulfilling its social obligations and responsibilities by giving back in return to the society or its business environment, which includes different groups that are interdependent upon each other, what the society or business environment has given to it is also very important.

A public relations firm must be equally honest and possess a great deal of honesty and integrity in dealing with various groups of the society and choose its clients with care, so that it can avoid the mutual embarrassment of facing the tattered reputations of two firms, namely itself and the company it is representing.
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Im currently studying public relations,but my problem is that,when applying for a vacancy they always want experience now I dont have that experience so what do I do to learn more and to get the public relations profession permanently?
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Public relations attempt to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with the general public. A good public relations officer or agency is one which is able to create a positive image in the market for a brand.

The practice of public relations also seeks to achieve such goals as education and awareness about a brand, correcting a misconception (which may arise in the minds of the prospective customers) and building or improving the reputation of a brand in the market.

Public relations agencies attempt to create awareness about a brand by drafting a press release and sending it to all the local media houses. A good public relations agency or officer is one who can identify a larger number of people as a target audience and keep them in mind while drafting a press release.
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Provide the all information honestly and truely about their company or organization.To build up a relationship and image.
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According to me it  is one of the important aspect in every is just an art which every one is not gifted with is the way through which you can convey the information to others.
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Public Relations (PR) is basically the art of establishing contact between associations and its main publics to assemble, direct and maintain an accurate image. Though the industry is extensively criticised for its readiness to lie and deceive the general public for the welfare of the companies it represents, it continues to be a highly paid profession.

Many Corporations put to use marketing public relation (MPR) to communicate information about the goods they produce or the services they offer to keen customers to sustain their direct sales efforts. Similarly the also give support sales on short and long term basis, setting up and polishing the corporation's product for a strong market.

Public relations are also used as a way to reach and be in touch with politicians and legislators. Politicians generally use public relations to draw votes and raise funds.

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