What Are The Five Common Financial Goals?


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I think by common financial goal you mean the goal of both you and spouse or fiancée for projecting where you want to be, financially, a few years from now. You need to fist sit down together and talk about what are the kind of investments and returns that you would like. You should start with making long term goals first like a new house, car or a vacation. Start thinking about the kind of savings or investments you need to do to reach this goal. Then, you can move to thinking about short term goals, the first few steps that you actually take to reach your long term financial goal are a part of your short term goal. Start planning as to what are the steps that you would take in the coming one year like purchasing bonds or fixed deposits or stock. Now, will be the time to fix immediate goals. The setting of these roles include the steps that you can take immediately to reach your long term goal like can you cut down on expenses, stop spending unnecessarily etc.

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