What Is Formal Group And Informal Group?


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A Formal group typically has the following characteristics:

Organized from a top-down position of authority.

Created to bring individuals together who are able to work together effectively to accomplish a goal and therefore more planned at the outset.

Formal structures are often clearly defined in documents such as job descriptions, organizational charts and with prescribed roles.

Will be defined either as a permanent structure or certainly a long term one and will have consistency of membership.

While an informal group is defined by the following:

Organically come into existence because of mutual interests with no mandate from a corporate level.

Members join as a way of satisfying a need, either learning, sharing knowledge, social cohesion or some other maintenance-style task that is not effectively fulfilled by formal structures.

Can be disruptive and act to fundamentally undermine or challenge the formal structures of an organisation.

Group standards are decided upon by the members of the group in whatever form they choose and therefore are generally more flexible and communication channels are often less bureaucratic. Can be more short term if campaigning over a specific issue and will most likely show more flexibility in terms of membership and responsibilities taken by members over time.
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A formal group created by an organisation to achieve specific objectives laid down in the organisation goals.
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Informal groups develop naturally among an organization’s personnel without any direction from management.Formal groups are created by the organization and are intentionally designed to direct members toward some important organizational goal.

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