How Do You Find The Routing Number On A Savings Deposit Slip?


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The routing number on a savings deposit slip is located at the bottom left hand corner of the slip. It is a 9 digit number which is used to determine the bank to which the account belongs.

Each of the numbers signifies a different piece of important information relating to the bank account in question. This information can be found on all sorts of bank items such as personal checks and saving deposit slips. Some banks opt to join numbers more closely together than others which can result in it being difficult to identify which number is which.

In general, the routing number will be the very first 9 numbers, however, if you are unsure, contact your bank as they will be able to give you this information even over the phone. All countries have a similar type of number which is used for the same reason.

These numbers have different names, they come in different formats and are occasionally located in different places on the check, however, they are all used for the same purpose. They are all used to identify the bank from which the account is held, the area of the individual bank and also the exact branch to which the account is held.

If you have any trouble finding the routing number of the bank in question, there are also websites which can help you to locate the number required. Routing numbers website is one of these and will allow you to find the details by entering the name and location of the bank you need to know the routing number for

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