"Explain How You Would Be An Asset To This Company." What Could I Say?


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For answering questions asking you to explain why you should be hired over all the rest of the candidates, the most important thing is to answer truthfully as it will be easy for interviewer to tell whether you are lying or not, because of your body language, emotional gestures, interactions and reactions, and verbal context and content.
For answering this type of question, just talk about yourself and explain why you want the job and what you can bring to the company. For example if you are applying for managing job, you could explain that you are interested because you are a very sociable person and like working with other people as a team and when you are talking about what you could bring to the company, you could explain that you have great leadership skills and that you are a hard worker and always work to deadlines. Also before your interview, research the company and highlight interesting points that you could relate yourself to, like that you have been on similar projects that the company you are applying for does and have gained useful experience and knowledge that you could use.

This sort of question is another way of asking 'do you have what we are looking for?', so it is testing whether you have the commitment, experience and knowledge to be a part of the company, therefore you should talk about your work history and what you have learnt and explaining how and why your experiences may come in useful. For example, you could say that by working in a team at your last job, you have gained confidence in speaking to others, you are good with making decisions and that you are open to ideas of others. However, if you have never had a job and this will be your first job, talk about the degree that you did at university and how it relates to the job you are applying for and you can also talk about your hobbies, such as sports and the skills that you have obtained, like concentrating on an aim and achieving it.
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The best way to become an asset to the company is by consistently going beyond the expectations to which the company expects you to perform. The capabilities I have in my field can be very useful for the improvement of quality in my department giving the overall benefit to the company.I will implement new ways that allow me to work more effectively and efficiently.I will utilize all resources to the best of my ability.I am very detail or oriented as well as organized! I strive to be the best and become better.
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I can be an asset to you company through my  experience . With handling customer on a timely  and professional manner
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You can answer as "The capabilities I have in my field can be very useful for the improvement of quality in my department giving the overall benefit to the company."
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1.   My experience as a proven natural leader, 2. My education, and 3 my innovative ideas on how to make this a much better work place for all, 4 my ability and motivation to do whatever it takes to help this compnay and myself succeed
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For a programmer

I can be an asset to you company through my knowledge and skills in terms of programming. Improving the current system of the company.

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