Can You Explain The Different Categories Of Consumer Goods?


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Consumer goods
These are those which are purchased by ultimate consumers from retail outlets for their own personal consumption. Based on the buying habits of the consumers, the consumer goods are further divided into three different types:
1- convenience goods
Convenience goods are those products which are frequently purchased by the consumers at the retail outlets most convenient to them. These goods are purchased on small quantities and have a low unit value. The profit margins on the convenience goods are low. Soft drinks, sugar, soap, and daily usage things are examples of convenience goods.

2- shopping goods
The shopping goods are those which have a relatively high unit value and are bought less frequently by the consumers. The buyers visit a number of stores and compare the prices, style, and quality of goods before making a purchase. The number of outlets of convenience goods and these requires more personal sale efforts.

3- speciality goods
Those goods for which buyers have a strong preference and make efforts to purchase are names as speciality goods. These goods compared to the convenience and shopping goods are usually high priced and are available in a few retail outlets. The items typical of this class are auto mobiles, television sets, etc.
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The other category is unsought goods. These products are usually purchased due to adversity rather than desire. Your examples can be coffin, tombstone etc. The marketer has them readily available and ensures that awareness is raised on the consumers so that when the time of adversity comes, they know where to purchase from. Hope I helped..

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