Why Auditing Is Necessary In Any Organization?


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Katie Harry answered
Auditing is a process to evaluate a process, a person or an organization. You may find people all jittery whenever an audit is coming up but it does have a few advantages to it.

Some reasons which make auditing necessary in organizations are:
  • It boosts employee efficiency and output.
  • Positive feedback from audits creates an atmosphere of success.
  • It is an incentive for employees to work harder and perform better.
  • It is a quality check on an organization's output.
  • A good audit result boosts the organization's credibility which means more business for the organization.
  • An organization can understand itself better through audit results which helps it to improve on its deficiencies and maintain its strengths.
  • It may help to nip any illegal work in the bud.
  • It would identify the major areas for improvement in the organization.

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