Discuss The Segmentation Strategy Of A Cement Company?


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A Cement company may obtain its segmentation strategy as follows:

1. Understanding needs and preferences of consumers -- Having housing, infrastructure, and commercial construction, as demand drivers, the company analyze the needs and preferences of consumers in these sectors.

2. Grouping customers based on their needs and preferences -- Customers with similar needs and preferences can be included in one segment.

3. Targeting the segment that the company can best meet the needs and preferences of -- The company should target the customers, of which it can meet the needs and preferences. I.e. Customer needs higher-strength or low price

4. Branding the commodity -- Though being a commodity product, branding is important for a cement company. The company needs to position its brand among Architects and Builders rather than household individuals.

5. Provide required product to meet targeted customers' needs and preferences -- Delivering up to the expectations of the targeted segment.

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