What Is The Classification Of Families According To Structural Organization?


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There are several terms used to classify family members in structural organization.

If you think of a family tree, it begins at the top with one member getting married and having children, and it goes down from there getting bigger and bigger. Family members that are a lot older than you often have the word great after their name, often two or three times, depending of how far removed they are from you. For example, your great grandmother is your grandmother's mother. As this continues, you have your grandparents, who may have aunties and uncles, which are your great, great aunts and uncles. If they have sisters and brothers then they are your great aunties and uncles.

Your mother and father then have siblings, then these are your aunties and uncles. If the uncles and aunties have offspring, then they are your cousins. It these then go on to have children, then they are your second cousins.

If you have a sibling then they are your brother or sister, and if they have children, then the child will be your niece or nephew.

Family trees are very complex and are best explained with a diagram. Perhaps your family has a family tree that you can study? Get a family member who is older than you to talk you through who all the different people are.

Family trees can often reveal hidden history when you research people who you did not personally know. Who knows, you might find something very interesting when you look into your family's past.

Families as a whole still have a structure, in that we have the gentry and the normal classes, but this is no where near as extreme as it used to be. We no longer have peasants and poor classes, the divides have grown smaller in society.

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