How Can I Maintain Stock Register?


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Stock registers are used to keep track of a company's stock issue history. This, in turn, helps keep track of a company's shareholders and raise money. In order to maintain a stock register successfully you will need to be efficient at updating the register as and when any changes take place. A typical stock register will contain information about the different authorized classes, the number of shares within each class of stock that the company is allowed to authorize and any stock that is outstanding. In addition there should be notes made about the date the stock was purchased, the quantity purchased and details about the purchase price. With all of this information on file, stock registers can then be used to verify claims of theft or loss that may be made by someone who holds stock.

It is critical that all of the information within a stock register is kept up to date and is correct. Failure to do so can cause some serious problems later down the line. There will be personnel who are responsible for ensuring that all of the information is present and accurate. Most use a computer database, using software such as Excel or Access, in order to maintain the register. This allows for changes and additions to be made simply and quickly and, even more usefully, makes searches for specific shareholders or stock very easy. Maintaining the database is a job that can take a lot of time and patience when there is a lot of paperwork involved. Personnel will be in charge of filing all of this paperwork and ensuring that the key information has been taken from it to insert into the database. When a stock market suddenly rises or falls this job will become very busy and far more complex.

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