How To Maintain The Office Stationery Register?


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It is difficult to say without seeing how it has been set up in the first place. Usually the person or department which has set up the register should be able to provide details of how to upkeep and maintain it.

The best way to ensure you are doing it in the most efficient and effective way would be to simply email the relevant department or person to double check the procedure which is best to use with them. 

Stationary registers vary massively on the size of the organization. They can be anything from a simple three line spreadsheet which simply has the product code or item name, then quantity in circulation and where or who each product has been allocated to.

Larger companies will want to track other things such as the date things have been allocated, who signed them in/ out, who ordered them and when etc.

I would guess that this register has been set up using an EXCEL spreadsheet, in which case, maintaining it should be fairly straight forward, in that you should just have to fill in the relevant columns. Since I don't know exactly how it is set up, I can't say exactly how to fill in these columns, but if you set aside half an hour to simply study the format it should be pretty easy to work out. Look at each column and ensure you understand fully what it is asking you; if there are lots of columns to get your head around may be write them down on a whiteboard by your desk.

This way, if you receive an order, you can easily see if you are required to provide details of it in the spreadsheet. Once you have fully understood each column and how it is significant, you will understand how and why each piece of information is required which will make it easy to maintain.

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