Who Is A Bulk Teller? Duties Of A Bulk Teller? Functions Of A Bulk Teller?


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A bulk teller is a person who works in a bank, and they are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day work of the other staff in the financial institution. At the end of the day, they will organize all of the money that has been deposited into the bank by members of the public who have an account with them. They will also ensure that money is flowing throughout the economy by sending cash to the Federal Reserve in the US, and also distributing pre-determined sums of money to other branches of the bank where they work. For example, a bulk teller in one of Washington DC’s Wachovia branches may be asked to distribute cash to an Arizonan branch. As some financial institutions have different ways of managing finances, it could be argued that bulk tellers working in certain banks will have different duties.

Being a bulk teller is widely believed to be a promotion from being a standard bank teller, the people that you and I meet when we first enter a bank. This is because of the elevated expectations that bank managers would have of these staff members. They need to be highly accurate and efficient when handling money, as they need to ensure that the bank’s figures are correct to the cent. If you don’t have a head for mathematics, or if you don’t have too strong of an understanding of the banking industry, you need not apply.

Of course, skills will lie beyond math, as communication is another asset that’s greatly appreciated with bulk tellers. It will be in your remit to liaise with customers, so a polite, helpful and friendly nature will be greatly sought after by HR staff who want to impress the people they serve.

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