What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Automated Teller Machine?


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Disadvantages of automated teller machine
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ATM Advantages

  • ATM supports voice, video and data allowing multimedia and mixed services over a
  • single network.
  • High evolution potential, works with existing, legacy technologies
  • Provides the best multiple service support
  • Supports delay close to that of dedicated services
  • Supports the broadest range of burstiness, delay tolerance and loss performance through the implementation of multiple QoS classes
  • Provides the capability to support both connection-oriented and connectionless traffic using AALs
  • Able to use all common physical transmission paths like SONET.
  • Cable can be twisted-pair, coaxial or fiber-optic
  • Ability to connect LAN to WAN
  • Legacy LAN emulation
  • Efficient bandwidth use by statistical multiplexing
  • Scalability
  • Higher aggregate bandwidth
  • High speed Mbps and possibly Gbps
ATM disadvantages

  • Flexible to efficiency’s expense, at present, for any one application it is usually possible to find a more optimized technology
  • Cost, although it will decrease with time
  • New customer premises hardware and software are required
  • Competition from other technologies -100 Mbps FDDI, 100 Mbps Ethernet and fast Ethernet
  • Presently the applications that can benefit from ATM such as multimedia are rare
  • The wait, with all the promise of ATM’s capabilities many details are still in the standards process

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Disadvantages of automated teller machine
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The advantage of having ATMs is the fact that Banks can save money by reducing the number of branches they have open, reducing or eliminating staff, and providing their customers with the convenience of being able to bank 24 hours a day.

The disadvantage of having ATMs is the fact that bank employees lose jobs, customers get charged ATM fees for using out-of-banking relationship ATMs, and customers experience less human interaction between themselves and the bank.
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The disadvantage of using a ATM is nothing like you and I am a king of norway and eat burgers

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