What Are The Different Kinds Of Organization Cultures?


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For an organization, a pattern of culture is a major aspect of the organization's identity. One of its most important attributes and a major determinant in shaping the strategies, policies and courses of action, an organization culture is not deliberately planned and shaped but its partly a result of the culture or nation that the company is part of.

Henceforth the classification of organization cultures goes as follows:

Incubator culture: Another name of incubator culture is fulfillment oriented culture where individuals tend to fulfil their aspirations with a strong emphasis on individuality and orientation to the individual.

Family culture: In major contrast to the incubator culture, a family culture is totally driven by family values and promotes the notion of collectivism. It stresses a lot on integrity, honesty, commitment and family ties. While hiring employees, obvious preference is given to family members.

Eiffel tower culture: In the Eiffel tower culture, the cynosure is on the hierarchy of the organization and orientation of the tasks assigned to all the personnel.

Guided missile culture: A cultural aspect whose major concentration revolves around equality in the workplace and orientation to the task.
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The family culture
The Eiffel Tower
Guided Missile
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Give some kinds of cultures

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