What Are The Different Kinds Of Outsourcing?


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All these are various forms and the goal is really to get the work off your and to the right team members who can get them done more affordable and efficiently
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Excuse me, can you help me? what are the differences between those?
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There are many kinds of outsourcing as per my knowledge here i mention:

BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
KPO - Knowledge process outsourcing
LPO - Legal Process Outsourcing
ESO - Engineering Services Outsourcing
ITO - IT Outsourcing
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Various Businesses activated employ outsourcing to concentrate on their real business. For instance banks outsource their network departments to Network Company's in order to concentrate on the Banking sector for which they have specialized in. Same goes for airlines, Airlines across the globe outsource some part of their business, whether it be HR or Marketing.

Outsourcing helps, it lets the experts do the job rather than letting every Tom and Harry do them. For instance a software company which has software programmers may not be best and may not have the resources to acquire the complaints from their clients. Therefore they may need to outsource their call-center to another company who has the resources to do the job.

Outsourcing has become common in rich countries that outsource their work to developing countries in order to reduce their expenditure. Since experts at developing countries are paid times lower than their counterparts in rich countries. This enables organizations in such companies to gain higher profits. Call Centers is one industry that has been outsourced to the Sub-continent; the main beneficiary being India.

Other kinds of outsourcing includes in data handling where by Data that is not written form is changed into this form. For instance a doctor sitting in the US may just read out the prescription. The recorded message would travel to one of the developing countries and be transferred into written data which can be used for future references. Freelancing is also getting a fair bit of importance with companies in the Western Countries opting for developing countries to help them in their need of labor.
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2 kinds of outsourcing:

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There are many different kinds of outsourcing. An outsourcing company in the Philippines, for example, may provide voice and non-voice or complex services, which are the two most commonly used categories for classifying outsourced services. Offshore voice services include telemarketing, live chat support, telesales, technical support, lead generation, and customer service.

Non-voice and complex services include back office support (personal or virtual assistant, data processing, HR support, accounting and bookkeeping) and IT or ICT and creative services (system/network administration, search engine marketing, web design, web development, graphics design, software development, CAD creation & conversion, quality assurance/testing, flash design/animation, and storyboards). 

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