What Is The Difference Between A Proactive Approach And A Reactive Approach?


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In the fast-paced world of today, where globalization is the order of the day, the world has literally become a smaller place. In the light of these happenings, international interactions have bloomed tremendously over the years be it the corporate world, the political arena or the entertainment business. As a result, competition in every field has elevated to a fever pitch and the ratio of flexibility and acceptability has increased as well. The value of new ideas and new innovations are encouraged worldwide and hence the pioneer of any successful innovation or idea is received with open arms everywhere.

Considering the very scenario, originality has become a precious gem, much more valuable than it was before. And that is where the concept of proactive and reactive approaches comes in.

A proactive approach is one where one actually starts a trend which is later on followed by others. Such a methodology is termed as a proactive one. As far as reactive approach goes, it is the exact opposite of the proactive approach. While the proactive approach talks about creating and starting a trend or idea, the reactive approach believes in following a new trend or more precisely adapt to the newest changes happening in the society. Both of the approaches are workable in the world of today but it's the proactive approach which is much more productive and gives more prolific long-term returns than the reactive one.

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