Develope System To Involve Stakeholders In The Introduction Of Change?


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A system may need to be designed to introduce an aspect of change within an organization to its stakeholders. This may need to be carried out in circumstances including:

•Department mergers
•New management strategies
•New technology or systems being implemented

As stakeholders play a very important part within an organization, it is vital they are made aware of any changes that are going to be introduced. Indeed, you will usually need the backing of the stakeholders before any major changes can be introduced in an organization.

It is always worthwhile to introduce a system that helps them become more involved in the evolving process.

Some things you may consider to include the stakeholders in the change process include:

•Holding regular business meetings outlining the key components of the new change. Explain how it is going to affect the business in operational and financial terms. Show how it is going to be overseen and managed; perhaps a particular individual may be appointed to oversee the transitional period while the new process is introduced.
•Redesign some business processes to deal with the change. Key staff may be appointed to oversee this.
•Make sure they are aware of the mission statement and what the company is hoping to achieve by implementing this new change.
•Set clear and achievable targets. For example, identify a date all staff will be trained on the new system by or what date two departments will merge.
•If the change is being introduced to save money, make the stakeholders aware of this. Likewise, if introducing new technology for example will help bring in more money to the company, explain how this will benefit your business.
•Treat everything as a temporary measure. It may be worthwhile discussing having the change in place for a trial period at first before it is rolled out across all departments.
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A. Develop systems to involve appropriate stakeholders in the introduction of change.

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