What Is The Role Of Ethics And Social Responsibility In Developing A Strategic Plan, Considering Stakeholder Needs?


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Thow wealtha maximisation should be the objective of a firm but a firm cannot get along with the social doubt it has to take care of  the intrest s of the stakeholders who are the real owners of the firm but it has to take care of the socity at large. The reason is ; a firm can only reap profit for its owners only if it can sell it s goods to the customers or in other words the customer are ready to buy the goods.and the customers will buy the goods wen they feel they are good in terms of quality standards,moreover customer dese days are very alert and aware.they also seek the environmental effects of the goods on the society . They also impressed by the image of the company .they make a image of that company gud that goes for CSR activiteis and deveelop a liking for the company and prefer their those companies thay are opting such activitoes are viewed gud by the customers..and unhesistatingly buy their guds...and thus company can seek large for has to go for such measures

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