What Is The Role Of The Change Agent In Organisational Development And Change?


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An organization is a collective effort of professionals, towards enhanced productivity and profitability. Any organization, just like a society, needs to be open to change, to be able to adapt to the relevant and unavoidable changes in the market. In fact, adapting to change willingly and without any doubt or resistance, is the key to success. There are a number of different agents that affect organizational change and development.

The planned effort invested in an organization, at the start, is expected to be an ongoing feature. This may be true only if the set-up is subject to profitable change in the course of time. The change agents may be internal or external. Within the organization, the change agents may be the members of the staff, the management, the processes and methods of operation. The change, internally, could be the outcome of specialized training and the implementation of special software. The organization and the people involved in the various processes need to be aware of the latest developments to adapt to the changes within the industry and the technology in use. Some of the external agents of organizational change and development come in the form of special products launched for the sole purpose of initiating change and enhancing profitability. One such agent is TQM or Total Quality Management. The system, when adopted, helps the organization cope with the application of the latest technology and adjust to the paradigm shift in the external forces acting upon the product or services. There are a number of internal and external change agents that could be most helpful to a business. A number of dedicated online sites provide detailed information on them.
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If someone is getting even a single chance to change things then he need not to waste that chance. Go ahead and explore your mindset to ameliorate the current outlook of an organization. There might be obsolete modes to be used in the organization for management; he may change those old and useless methods of management. Another thing is that he may add new things to organizational activities. These things must be adaptable for all of the workers either old or new. He must think about thing pragmatically. In this way, all of the workers will appreciate him and nobody will oppose your changes.

Changes will have a positive impact on the development of organization if all of the workers are accepting them. But these changes need to prove themselves in many ways as I have mentioned earlier. These changes will give organization an afresh start. May be workers feel easier to work in new environs. This may give an impetus to the development of organization. In fact changes are spice of life. One should never give up positive ones. It is a universal truth that people get fed up with monotonous stuff so one should keep changing things the way he can manage to do so.

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