What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Night-workers?


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Disadvantage: Night workers are on a different schedule than the rest of the world, so you often feel alone. This sent a good friend of mine into a terrible depression, and lead to drugs. The advantages are that you usually get paid more, and have days off to run errands. I don't recommend it, if you can avoid it. Good luck
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The advantages are you are off all day so you can sleep later, get things done during the day, drive in non rush hour traffic, work with out the big boss looking over your shoulder all day, record your TV shows while you are at work watch them later in 1/2 the time w/o commercials.
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In my opinion it's the worst shift to have even though most jobs pay more if you work grave yard shift. If you enjoy your social life then grave yard shift is not good for you lol all you'll here from your friends is, you missed it , you should've been there.
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If you are not expose to sun you are not getting Vitamin D for your Skin in the long run you can get skin cancer

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