What Are Contents Of Memorandum Of Association?


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Memorandum of Association contains all the details of the company regarding its powers ,objectives , external relationship and share capital.
  1. Name clause:
The Name(identity)of the company should be clearly mentioned. The company whether Public limited or Private limited should be mentioned. The name should not be relevent/resembling the existing company.
  2.Place clause:
The place(s) where the company is actually located should be mentioned. The location of Headquarter of the company and its existing branches should be clearly titled. The locations of new branches where the the company will be incorated should be mentioned.
  3.Object clause:
The company is restricted within the objectives of itself,prescribed in MoA. The company should mention its Main objectives, Incidental or Ancilliary objectives and Other objectives.
The main objects enlists the core purposes of the company.The Ancilliary objects enlists the objects that determine the attainment of the main objects.The Other objects enlists the subsidiary objects or the objects for which the company will be incorparated in future.
  4.Liability clause:
The Liability of the company whether limited or unlimited  *to its members , to its shareholders, to the Board of directors* should be mentioned.
  5.Capital clause:
The Authorised Capital of the company including the value of all Assets(acquired or to be acquired by the company in future) should be mentioned in the MoA.The types of shares into which the capital would be divided and treatment of those shares in case of Capital Appreciation or Depreciation.
  6.Association clause:
The company in its Association clause enlists the Names, Addresses & Descriptions of the subscibers to its shares(Equity only),Number of equity shares held by each of them and the Signatures of the respective Shareholders. It ensures the Bond between the company and its owners.
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Great answer but there are some contents like a list of persons to act as directors, declaration on qualification shares and other statutory requirements etc are missing.
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1) Name clause
2) Domicile clause
3) Object clause
4) Capital clause
5) Liability clause
6) Association clause
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1.The name of the company is “The Zimbabwe Transport Company
2nd. The objects for which the company is established are, “the conveyance
of passengers and goods in motor vehicles between such places as the company may
from time to time determine and the doing of all such other things as are incidental or
conducive to the attainment of the above object”.
3rd. The liability of the members is limited.
4th. The share capital of the company is four hundred thousand dollars
divided into one thousand shares of four hundred dollars each.

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