What are the contents of memorandum in wipro?


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The contents of a memorandum in any company, whether it is Wipro, Microsoft, McDonalds or Facebook, are usually very similar and have a number of things in common:

  • The contents are brief

A memorandum is typified by its incredibly short nature - sometimes, a memorandum consists of a single word. Long pieces of information are unsuitable to convey or express by memorandum - it would be more suitable to convey them via email or in a telephone call.

  • The audience is small

Very often, a memorandum is written by one person for another, single person. In fact, memorandums can be written and used by the same person - for example, a person may write "phone James 3pm" on a sticky note and attach this to their computer screen - this would be a note-to-self, or a personal memorandum.

On some occasions, especially in large companies, memorandums can be sent out to large numbers of people. These can be sent from one department within a company to another, for example, or may be sent from a manager to a team of staff. These are often known as "company memos", because they are designed to be read by a larger proportion of the people in the company.

There are four main different types of memorandum, or memo. These are known as the memorandum of understanding, the memorandum of association, the memorandum of agreement and the memorandum of private placement. Although each of these may share the qualities listed above, they are all slightly different in nature.

For example, the memorandum of understanding is written in order to ensure that the author and the recipient of the memorandum have the same understanding about their working relationship - for example, about why they are in the working relationship, and what they are aiming for. On the other hand, a memorandum of association is a document which is written in order to define and record the relationship between the company and the rest of the world - its consumers, for example, or its providers.

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