Can You Outline The Merits And Demerits Of Advertising To Small Scale Industries?


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There are both the merits and demerits of advertising for a small company like:
  • It increases the sales of the company
  • It makes the customers aware about the image of the company
  • It attracts new customers and creates brand loyalty in the previous customers
  • If a company introduces a new product in the market then the company can use advertising strategy to inform the customers
  • It requires a lot of budget
  • It can creates issues of under demand and under supply for the company and dislocates the demand and supply equilibrium for the company
  • It can also distort the mission of the company and the image of the company in the market through wrong concept in advertisements
  • Over advertisement of a company can create a fuss among the customers

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Merits of Advertising to small scale industry
1.Advertising gives space to product in Market and increase to market volume of product.
2.Advertising makes reliable to product in people.
3.Helps to increase sales promotion.
4.Helps to create new Market for product.
5.Advertising makes a dynamic image of product in brains.
6.Advertising gives strength to product in competetion .

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