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SENSEX is a name given to Bombay Stock Exchange. It the oldest stock exchange in the whole of Asia. Established as "The Native Share & Stock Broker Association" way back in 1875 with 318 members. Now it consist of 30 most widely active and traded stocks on the exchange. Trading on SENSEX can be done from 417 cities of the India. SENSEX is run by a professionally managed board of directors which not only formulate policies but also define systems and procedures for the fair and transparent trading on the exchange.

Deepak Mohani was the person who coined the word SENSEX in 1990s and it gradually became the new name for Bombay Stock Exchange. Most significant companies that are listed on SENSEX are Bajaj Auto, HDFC Bank, Hero Honda Motors, State Bank of India, Tata Steel, Wipro and many other significant companies which share most of the Indian economy. Trading on SENSEX is done through an online trading system called BOLT. Besides Shares/stocks, derivatives and fixed income securities are also traded on SENSEX. Bombay Stock Exchange in 1986 came out with a new stock exchange index which quickly became the measure of performance for BSE. SENSEX now is widely reported in domestic Indian markets as well as international market.
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sorry to say boss, but as claimed by you, deepak mohani has got nothing to do with BSE or SENSEX. please edit your write up.
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Find your answer at this link..its very well explained here..from a layman point of view.
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Sensex refers to "Sensitivity Index" and is generally associated with the stock market indices. There are currently two major stock exchanges in India, The Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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The term "Sensex" was born when one Mr.Deepak Mohoni creatively abbreviated the term Sensitive Index*

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