What Is Mean By Share Market & What Is Sensex?


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Market share: Market share is the percentage of the total available market segments that are under the control or serving of a company. It can be also be calculated in terms of revenues available to a company. For example, revenue of a company divided by total revenue of the market. In the case of a mobile company, the subscribers of the company divided by the total subscribers in the market is known as market share of the company.

Sensex: Bombay Exchange Sensitive Index is abbreviated as Sensex and it is the benchmark  index of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Sensex is composed of 30 largest and actively-traded stocks on the BSE. Sensex is the oldest stock index in India and it was initially complied for the first time in 1986.

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Share Market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers.These are securities listed on stock exchange.

Sensex is the figure indicating the relative prices of shares on the Mumbai (Bombay) Stock Exchange.

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