Can I Get A Car Loan Modification Done?


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I recommend a company called Ultimate Financial Help.  
They reduced my car payments from $498.00 to $252.00 p/month.
Also, after calling almost every Car Loan Modification Company, I noticed that they were the only one offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Their website is
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My Honda Mini Van was out for repo and Equity Legal Group   helped me get my car out of repo in 2 days and only charged me $99 upfront. Very professional and I am very happy. We finalized with Honda Finance to lower my payment from $480 down to $350 . I only paid them $99 upfront and $200 when the deal was done! A++++++
their website is
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My friend in MA recommended I contact when I was facing repossession. I was panicked and Mr. Schaeffer was so nice and patient with my hard questions. It took him 3 weeks to lower my payment 42% to $245.00 a month and pushed off the first payment for 2 months! No doubt I have no regrets.

Anna, Sudbury MA
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Yes, there are several companies offering Car Loan and Lease Modifications. I am the President of, we specialize in vehicle loan modifications and have recently teamed up with the nation's leading home loan modification company to help drivers leverage their power as a consumer and take advantage of lenders' current loan modification programs.

Please go on our website and fill out the form if you need help.
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Anonymous answered without a doubt. There are companies out there charging $299 just for the report to "do it yourself". This guys charge $299 for the full service including report and processing and also they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if no resolution is reached.
Thanks I did not have the money back as they modified my monthly payments from $452 down to $311. I highly recommend them. Their website is
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Dear,"""""Modify your  loan, reduce your payments and keep your car"""""""This is what Auto Relief Group's Tag line says... For sure you can get a Car loan modification done.... Auto Relief Group assists consumers renegotiate their car loan or lease (Auto Loan Modification), avoid repossession and maintain ownership of their vehicle by working directly with lenders to modify loans, extend terms or reduce payments. With Auto Relief Group it is pretty simple process with just 3 steps, of course it costs you.. Nothing comes free right?????
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Your best bet without a doubt is  They are the real deal with a state of the Art 100 seat processing center  and 12 years in the modification industry.  What sets them apart is that they actually do the third party servicing for many of the banks who can't set aside the human resources to tackle this huge problem since they are inundated with home modification applications.
Average turn around time is 30 days and they offer a full 100% money back guarantee
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You'll be best of looking into reviews online to hire a reliable car financing specialist in your area. Restructuring or refinancing your car loan requires a bit of calculation and research and it would be a good idea to get a broker to help you compare the current rates out there and help you to apply the new terms and conditions on to your existing arrangement and not to mention advice you if it's even a good thing to be doing!

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Hello Aramis, the guys from Helped me out with my car repo. I recommend this company.
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1. Are you finding difficulty in paying back your loans?
2. While buying a car you had many options of loan payback; you chose one of them. Now you think that the chosen plan is worst and you can not go with it? Is that true in your case?
3. You think your car will be repossessed, if you do not pay back the loans?

If the above questions pass through your mind, then for sure you will hear a service named "car loan modification" by you neighbors/colleagues/friends.

So what is Car loan modification? How does that work?
Here it is --- By Renegotiating your car loan or lease we help you in avoiding repossession of your car and maintain ownership, by working directly with lenders to modify loans, extend terms or reduce payments.

To be simple ---- Modify your car loan, reduce your payments and keep your car.------
The process is pretty simple with us.. Auto Relief Group.. Just 3 steps

Step1: Sign Up
First step in the auto loan modification process is to obtain your personalized Options Report™. Think of it as similar to your Appraisal Report when buying a new home. This document will provide you with detailed explanation of your options, pros and cons for each one of them and present alternatives for your consideration. You will receive your Options Report™ both electronically and in printed format, delivered directly to your home. It typically takes between three to five days to prepare your report and have it ready for review.

Step 2: Engage
After you have reviewed your Options Report™, you may decide to engage Auto Relief Group to provide you with the hands on help in restructuring your loan. ARG will work with your current lender, acting as a trusted third party and a valuable “buffer” between parties involved. Since ARG works on “success” basis, our interest is entirely aligned with yours. If we cannot help you negotiate acceptable terms for your loan, we don’t feel like we have earned our fee and you owe us nothing.

Step 3: Close
The final step in your loan modification process is the actual closing and execution of modified loan documents. Auto loan contracts are much simpler and require few if any additional filings, taxes, stamps or use of 3rd party providers or title insurers. After you have accepted the modified terms, we will use a Mobile Notary service which will meet you at your home or work and notarize your new loan docs, effectively concluding the process.

Website :
Blog :

Check out our blog and read the unknown facts about "auto industry" and "credit score" etc.

Go for loan modification... And .....Avoid repossession
Cheers :):):)
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Anonymous answered without a doubt. This is the only company that I see that offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This guys reduced my van monthly payments from $652 down to $412. Their website again is

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