I Am Looking For A Generic Owner Operator Lease To Model Mine After. Any One Know Where I Can Find One?


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I know this isn't exactly what you were asking for, but here goes.  If you go to the links below, you will find the information that is required to be in a lease.  Be very careful that you use the following terms correctly: Lessor — In a lease, the party granting the use of equipment, with or without driver, to another.  In other words, the owner of the equipment (truck and/or trailer), who is leasing the equipment to a carrier.    Lessee — In a lease, the party acquiring the use of equipment with or without driver, from another.  In other words, the carrier who is leasing the equipment from the owner of the equipment (truck and/or trailer).From your question, I couldn't tell if you are the lessor, or lessee.  It sounds as though you will be the lessee, because usually it is the carrier who writes the lease, not the owner. Now all you have to do, is write something containing all of the required information, and you have a lease.Another way to get a lease boilerplate (text that can be reused without much change) is to find an owner operator who is leased to a carrier and ask to see his lease, and use it as a model. I have seen leases as short as one page (very small print) and as long as 25 pages.  As long as it has all of the required information and is signed by both parties, it is legal. 
FMCSA general lease requirements  and  FMCSA written lease requirements  For more regulations:  FMCSA lease regulations

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