I Am Looking For A Owner Operator Lease Agreement, Can You Help?


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Unquestionably, the best place to find an owner operator lease agreement is through an online discussion board that specialises in the trucking industry. Through looking at this thread on the Expediters Online forum, you will be able to download a simple template of an owner operator lease agreement for you to use. All you need to do is replace the blank spaces situated throughout the document with your personal details. The link can be found here:

There will be scenarios where you’ll have to insert brand-new clauses into the owner operator lease agreement you were planning to use. If you are relatively new to the trucking industry and you are working independently, this is the point where you may need to seek legal advice. Such an example could be if the risk assessors within your client’s business believe that the insurance you have to act as a courier for their goods is inadequate. In most cases, this will mean they are concerned about their ability to receive a reimbursement in the event of an accident that results in loss or damage to their goods. To ensure that you are not left out of pocket financially, you should do a thorough evaluation of what they are asking you to do, and don’t be afraid to make negotiations in order to rattle out a deal.

Finally, you need to evaluate the terms of payment, such as whether or not an escrow will be used during the project. You need to determine the grounds upon which a contract can be terminated too, as you don’t want to be unfairly dismissed by your client due to a loophole in the agreement which both parties signed.
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This ad from rocketlawyer saying they offer free forms that are savable and printable is bull.  You spend time creating it and then you can't print it or save it without paying for it.
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Lease agreements are legal documents and can be found out in various websites. Here is one such link:
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If you go to the links below, you will find the information that is required to be in a lease.

Be very careful that you use the following terms correctly:
— In a lease, the party granting the use of equipment, with or
without driver, to another.  In other words, the owner of the equipment
(truck and/or trailer), who is leasing the equipment to a carrier.
— In a lease, the party acquiring the use of equipment with or
without driver, from another.  In other words, the carrier who is
leasing the equipment from the owner of the equipment (truck and/or

Now all you have to do, is write something containing all of the
required information, and you have a lease.

Another way to get a lease boilerplate
(text that can be reused without much change) is to find an owner
operator who is leased to a carrier and ask to see his lease, or call another carrier and ask if you could use their lease as a model.

I have seen leases as short as one page (very small print) and as long
as 25 pages.  As long as it has all of the required information and is
signed by both parties, it is legal.

FMCSA general lease requirements

FMCSA written lease requirements
For more regulations:

FMCSA lease regulations
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Where can I get a free lease agreement without having to buy the license or pay for the lease form?
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I need a sample of a lease agreement stating that I'am leasing on with a company I need to ge portion plates.

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