What Is The Difference Between International And Domestic Business?


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International business is work done outside of a company's country of origin. Domestic business, on the other hand, is where a person or company has the chance to conduct work and business within their country of residence. For example, if you reside in the UK and your company's business is based there, you will be said to be conducting domestic business only when carried out in the UK. On the other hand, if you are doing international business, you will be liaising with several countries from all over the world and often will be conducting such business outside of your home country.
Depending on the type and scale of your business, you may find yourself doing a more international than domestic business. A worldwide delivery company may have a tremendous amount of outlets across the UK but also across the world from Denver to Delhi and beyond.
This same company may take a number of parcels from France and need to deliver to someone in Australia, Italy or even Portugal. This means the organisatiion must have an infrastructure in place enabling them to deliver all over the globe.
Meanwhile, if companies only deliver internally this means their business can be said to be purely domestic.  In this instance take for example this could be farmers who supply all the major supermarket chains. Should said farms be based in the UK they would only do business with stores that are also located within the UK in order to qualify as domestic dealings.
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One is governed by Treaties (International) the other by Local Laws
One involves the use of foreign currency for exchange (internationa) the other by domestic currency
The scale/quantities of good/services is restricted by cultural tastes(International)
the other consumption patterns.
The pattern of Marketing/Advertising is determined by cultural identity(International) the other by local preference
One requires persons who specilize in legal/International law the other does not require legal proficency unless laws are observed to be broken
One requires an understanding of cross border languages (International)
It is harder for a startup business relationship to be established as intial penetration in the market is looked on with more suspect (international)
Partnership is essential (International)
Competition is more extensive even in niche markets where differences are based on taste and niche markets by nature excite new competition because it is perceived to be easier to compete(international)
One is called Trade (international) the other Commerce.
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International is business in other countries aside from the one your in.  It could be all over the world and Domestic is within your country only.
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Characteristic domestic business

Differences Between Domestic and International Strategic Planning

International business is a business that is primarily based in a single country but acquires some meaningful share of its resources or revenues (or both) from other countries.As compared to this a domestic business is one which acquires all of its resources and sells all of its products or services within a single country.Thus the essential difference between the two is localized resource procurement and selling of products in the case of a domestic business and acquiring resources or selling or both, from and in international markets in the case of international business.
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Give me any example to difference between international business and domestic business

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