What Are Some Other Words For Money?


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Some other words (known as synonyms) for money include:

green, the green, gold, silver, bronze, pay day, pay, dollar, banknote, cold cash, bankroll, bills, bread or dough, bucks, cash, casho, cashola, check, chips, coin, coinage, dinero, finances, fund, funds, gravy, greenback, legal tender, long green, loot, lucre, moolah, payment, riches, roll, salary, scratch, silver, bamboolah
sugar, treasure, wage, wealth

a tite wad (original spelling deemed offensive) is someone who keeps their money very close to them in their wallet.

wherewithal - as in, I don't have the wherewithal to pay for that suit.

currency, small change are also other words used.

The word 'money' has its origin in the Middle English word Moneie and the Latin Moneta

The word 'cash' comes from the Tamil Kacu or perhaps from the Sanskrit 'Kars' which means a weight of metal

The wod 'gold' may come from the Goth word 'Gulth' or Middle English Ghel.
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Treasure, money, currency, salary, bills, checks, bucks, dollars, notes, and sorry I am in a rush
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These are the words for money.
foreign excahange. capital , finance. cash and also the liquidity.
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Cash, bread, dough, ends, green backs, dead presidents, ca-ching, notes, stacks
There's a few.... Probably many more.
I think there are so many names for money because it is on most peoples' minds from an early age.
A lot of us get the impression while still very young that "money" is the singular goal to shoot for in life, to get a lot of it because we think it will make us happy and cure all the problems.
Which is true to a point, but happiness comes from within and should never be dependent on an outside source for validation.
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Wonga, yen, bucks, dollar, pound, pence, funds, credit card, debit card, greens, doh, euro, paper, cash, notes, bill and loads more sorry I have to go now.
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It is Paisa in Hindi, Daulat in Urdu.
It was a nice Question

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