Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship Money, Can You Help?


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Writing a letter requesting sponsorship can be a quite tedious and confusing task.  All it requires is a short, informative letter, and with that you can be sure of checks rolling your way.

Write your letter in a proper format.  You should begin with the title of the person you are writing to, the address and date.

Begin of your letter with a brief description of your organization.  An example of this would be, Jay and Lynn firm is a non-profit making organization that aims at…

State and outline the purpose of as well as the event taking place.

Make your request for sponsorship by putting words such as "We would be most grateful if you helped sponsor our event” give a detailed plan of what you intend on using the sponsorship money for, if the money if for painting your school, or sending the junior cricket team to Hong Kong for a Sixes tournament, then say so.  Also quote your prices, as it will give that particular company an idea of what they are looking at.

Give out details of the number of participants and the kind of publicity that your event will get.  Also state prestigious and influential people who are likely to attend.

Sign it off with your full name and designation, if applicable.

Hand delivering your letter in person will certainly add a personal touch in it.

Note that when writing your letter, try as much to use a computer or typewriter as this makes it all look professional.  If you cannot source one, then write neatly, without any errors whatsoever.
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I got an admission from the university  so I have to ask for a sponsorship in my organisation?
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There are number of samples available online for your ease and help. You can also get an idea of sample letter from: I hope it will help.
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Well there is a proper method for the writing up the business proposal and I would recommend you that the simplicity and the formality is the only aspect of the business writing letter so that you can easily write up the letter. Divide the proposal into three sections in the first section you need to introduce yourself and the second section you have to tell the cause of letter and ask for the sponsorship and tell the cause of the sponsorship so in the last section do the courteous closing.
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You have to right a brief summary of what so ever you program you are going to launch and for which you need sponsor
you have to mention the details of benefits the sponsoring company will get
due to coverage they will provide to
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Dear Sir / Madam,
We, the office bearers of / The undersigned, being the President of the XYZ Association would like to (action) publish a member directory to be distributed among our 562 members and other well-wishers. We would be grateful for your valuable contributions and co-operation to makeit a success and fruitful.
It is estimated that the cost of printing and publishing the directory comes to $10,000. We shall be grateful to sponsor the same in your name and propose to give your advertisement on the cover of the back cover of the directory which would reach in each house of this locality. Kindly send us your consent for sponsorship which would be mutually beneficial.
Yours sincerely
XYZ Association
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My name is Connie Walford Iam a fund raiser for Telford & Wrekin Bowling Club. Iam looking for a sponsor We have bought 40 shirts and would put a sponsors on the sleeve and perhaps have an annual donation CONNIE WALFORD
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Dear Sir,
  I, Md. Robel Akand am keenly interested to continue my study at Kijeon University College in South Korea .But lack of enough fund, It has become so quite impossible for me to continue my study here.So, I badly need of a sponsor from a kind person for my education as quick as possible.I hope, a kind hearted person will come forword... May God bless you all.

  Your Most Faithfully
  Md. Robel Akand

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