What Would Be The Appealing Factors To You About Human Resources?


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Sara Lewis answered

Human Resources or, HR, has evolved hugely in recent years. Gone are the days of "Personnel" where it was thought to play little more than an administrative function within a business. It is now a legitimate, skilled and, ultimately, well paid career option.

One of the benefits of HR is that you can start in an entry level position- usually an HR administrator, or assistant- with minimal experience and training, and work your way through the ranks to HR Manager or Director, where you would play a strategic role in decision and policy making, alongside other senior managers.

I think the greatest appeal of working within Human Resources is the "people" aspect. You have the opportunity to interact with different people on a daily basis, from different levels and positions within a company, whether it be carrying out an induction for a new staff member, conducting a performance appraisal or resolving a personal grievance. 

Dealing with different people will always bring variety and new challenges, which makes for a rich and exciting career.

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