What Is The Difference Between Personal Selling And E-selling?


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Selling on the internet or E selling as you call it, involves having a site. which promotes your product or service to people via the internet. The customer then orders directly on the site, pays by credit card ,or a service like paypal, and then the goods are sent to them by mail or delivered.
Personal selling however, normally involves making an appointment with a client to present a product or service, for example insurance, Tupperware or cosmetics like Avon.
After the presentation, an order is taken, and then delivered to the client later, at which time the money is usually collected.
Both these ways of selling have seen a major increase in the last ten years.
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E;selling means selling on internet for eg.ebay , online shopping.com etc.

Personal selling means particular person who represent particular company take appointment with client or customer and give knowledge of particular product or services.

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