How Should I Give A Brief Introduction About Myself In A Interview?


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Typically in interviews you should only give responses that are relevant to the questions that your interviewer has asked. However, in some cases, you will have been advised in advice to prepare a brief introduction or presentation about yourself. In these circumstances there are a few points that you can consider when preparing your introduction. While the content of your introduction is important, the first impressions that your prospective employer gets of you are equally, if not more, crucial. Make sure that you deliver your introduction confidently and that you keep your points clear and concise. Try not to wear anything that you might fiddle with if you are nervous and always maintain eye contact. If the employer has said that you are allowed to take notes, take advantage of this. Don't write everything down word for word, otherwise you will find yourself just reading from the card. Instead, jot down keywords on revision cards so that you can remind yourself of your next point.

The content of your introduction will need to be tailored to the job and company that you are applying for. It is important to make it known that you have done the research and tried to make your introduction specifically for that employer. Begin with a brief overview of your qualifications and skills, outlining how they are transferable to the role you are hoping to obtain. Don't simply repeat everything you have said in your resume, focus on two or three of your strongest assets and describe them in more detail. Do not be afraid to speak highly of your past experience but make sure that you are truthful and not too arrogant about it. Your interviewer will be looking at your personality traits as well so try to be natural and, where appropriate, be laid back or light hearted.
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Hello sir/mam,my name is rose I'm from chennai I did my schooling in ------higher secondary school and I did my graduation in ------we are four in our,dad,one elder brother and is working in private concern mom is home maker my elder brother working in MNC co., and myself looking forward for the strength is I'm a straight forward person and my weakness is I'll belive everything hobbies are listening to music and painting....    This can be the model of self introduction....
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When you go to an interview, you tend to put too much pressure on yourself. You have this fear of messing up.
Put all negatives aside. Take a deep breath. Treat this interview as if you are conversing with a friend. Be yourself. Be confident in what you have to offer,  be professional (not uptight).  Treat this as an 'I would like to have it and not an I need to have it or I must have this job attitude' This takes some pressure off of the whole thing. If you are asked a question you don't know the answer to, don't try to fake it or make up something. This will blow it. Remember Names.
After the interview if it went well, if you are asked if you have any questions you can ask about a few things they have to offer. Anything that was not mentioned or discussed like, benefits, vacation, overtime, 401K but don't over do it. Pick one or two, if they like you and want you to consider working for them they will give you all the other details on their own. Then you know you did well. Remember, they are giving the interview, not you.

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pleasure to meet you, myself varun sharma, I have completed my +2 from kv , with first class inn science subject. After I joined annai malai university to complete my graduation in
I  also hv been to few courses related to Hardware and networking from IIHT , so as to grow my career.

As far as my hobbies are concerned , I like to play football and listen music.
In my family threr are 5 members , including me. My father is an retired army officer, my mother is an house wife, and my brother and sister are teaching in a school as primary teacher.

I would like to join your institution, to help my family backgroung and  make your company grow up.

Thank you
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While you can always prepare and practice a self introduction, it shouldn't sound too mechanical or rehearsed.
You can prepare a crisp introduction about yourself beginning with
I am (your name),from(place),schooling,college and then mentioning about any other degree/courses you have may followed.A quick mention of family background is apt.Add details about your hobbies and general temperament.
This shouldn't take more than 3-5 minutes.

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Tell me somthing about urself?The answer am wirting would be okay or I need to amend my Introduction?
Gud morning Sir/ Mam my name is shweta bartaria m 21 years of age..As far as my educational qualifactions is concerned m pursuing my Bcom last year from Rohailkhand University and I am diploma holder in Aviaition and Hospitality from Franfinn institute of Airhostess training..
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Tell something about your educational background, your experience, your strength and weaknesses..
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IF you are alone start with hello Sir/Madam I m called xyz. A intro about family members in brief. Share your interest in brief and what you want to pursue in life a little about education like schooling, college etc.  If in a group interview, say Hello friends hello sir/MAdam etc.
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It can be quite nerving introducing yourself to an Employer for the first time. Arrive at the interview 1 hour before the interview process starts. This shows the Employer that you are punctual. Knock on the door and wait until they ask you to come in. Introduce yourself shake the employees hand and wait until you are asked to sit down.   Always look at the employer as eye contact is essential during the whole interview process. Do not fiddle or mess around IE: Do not twiddle youre thumbs etc. Keep a smile to show the interviewer you are interested about the job. When asked questions do not answer with a yes/no as interviewees hate this, Be exciting about youre answers but keep them brief. Explain to them what skills and qualifications you have, This is a trick employers use to try to catch you out to see if you know what is on youre C.V.   The employer may ask you why you want this job and why they should employ you for the role, Sell yourself as much as possible and tell them how you will benefit the company, Explain youre previous jobs or training (this may help you into the door faster) Dress smart. A simple suit set with a tie is most appropriate. Do NOT wear trainers jeans or youre sunday jumper. Lastly, When the interiew process is over wait until the Employer stands up first and opens the door. The employer will probably thank you for youre time, Give them a brief handshake and say thankyou to them

Good Luck
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Giving an introduction of oneself during an interview should be brief. The person being interviewed should talk about his latest qualification and work experience and what he intends to do in the future. This is the best way of giving an introduction. You have to make sure you don't give the details that are already present in your resume. This may have a negative effect on your interview as the interviewer is already aware of those details. In order to achieve success in an interview, it is better to answer questions that are being asked to you. Keep the answers short and simple. Give answers with confidence and be quick to answer them.
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First remain standing and then shake their hand and tell them your name by saying hi my name is   then sit down with them

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