What Percentage Of Unemployment Do You Get?


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The percentage of unemployment you get differs from state to state and from person to person. Each case is decided on an individual basis, however the majority of people can work it out themselves what percentage of unemployment they should be getting by calculating how much they would get if they were to suddenly lose their job.

  • How to work out percentage of unemployment: Step 1
The first thing you need to do in this process is find out what your base period is in terms of when you started claiming unemployment benefits. For example, if you started claiming in April then you should only calculate from what you have received from that month onwards, as opposed to the beginning of the year. Once you've calculated the base period you will need to calculate what time it was when you obtained the most pay.

  • Step 2
Now you need to take into account the highest quarter earnings that took place during the base period. This is important because the percentage of unemployment you receive will amount to 4% of the highest quarter. Once you have found the highest earning rate then you can work out what 4% of that is. The percentage of that amount will indicate how much unemployment you get on a weekly basis.

  • Step 3
You could also consider what your weekly unemployment will be when you have another job. You must consider what your gross income would be on a weekly basis. Then take that away $30 from the total and then proceed to multiply that by 67%. The weekly benefit rate that you calculated above should then be taken away from the total that you just accumulated. Now you know what you will be earning weekly from unemployment.
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You can't get an answer to this question unless you give some more information. Can you send this question again, and explain which country you mean? You could also ask about a specific age group, unemployment payment or whatever you are interested in, and I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

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