How do I go about opening my own beauty salon?


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Opening a beauty salon is exciting and it offers endless possibilities…when you’ve received instruction and training in doing so. In this article we’ll list the best universities to learn how to open a beauty salon and, just as importantly, how to efficiently build and operate one. If you are currently considering starting a salon, use this salon business plan template as a guide to establish the essentials of your business. 

Before considering colleges or universities to attend, let’s examine the scope and extent of each type of degree or certification you may choose. Some of the degrees offered are general in nature and distinctly offer a “general business” focus rather than a salon business perspective.  Some degrees, such as those within the field of an esthetician, are highly detailed and may require an internship and a practicum in testing in order to obtain your degree. If you choose courses related to how to start your nail salon, you may find the process will be shorter and less intense, depending on the niche you explore as your own business. Consider your goals and interests in obtaining a degree before settling on one particular type of degree. 

Here are the types of degrees offered that you’ll want to consider as you prepare to open your beauty salon: 

Salon Management: This pivotal Associate or Bachelor degree will focus on everything needed to provide the best customer experience possible, including marketing, monitoring quality and staff performance levels. Also included are the tools necessary for management, bookkeeping and financials, hiring staff, scheduling, and creating an excellent work environment. 

Esthetician: Earning this Associate or Bachelor degree will ensure you are fully-equipped to open a beauty salon. Included in your degree will be courses such as, cosmetic chemistry, health and nutrition, physiology and histology of the skin, In addition, you’ll learn about techniques for treating clients, such as facials, peels, masks, microdermabrasion, makeup application, and other esthetic services. Management courses for your beauty salon will be included, in addition to the full regimen of esthetician treatment programs.

General Salon: College degreed programs in general salon processes can include core subjects such as HR policy, salon recruitment, salon marketing, customer service management and small business financial management. Some institutions that offer this course might also require students to participate in a set amount of work placement at a salon.

Knowing the types of degrees that can be earned in advance of opening a beauty salon, you’ll now want to explore some of the top-rated colleges and universities for instruction in opening a beauty salon: 

1. Vanguard College of Cosmetology

This exceptional college is located on the outskirts of New Orleans, where students are immersed in studies such as Cosmetology, Cosmetology Instruction, and Salon Management. These courses set up students for the management side of the beauty salon business, and studies are also available for those professionals who would like to become instructors in cosmetology. The college is a Paul Mitchell Partner academic center. 

2. SchoolCraft College 

Based in the city of Livonia, Michigan, this public college offers students degreed programs in Salon, Beauty Salon Management, and General Management. The student population is moderately-sized and the programs are known for interactive experiences and training that contributes to excellent success rates. 

3. Bellus Academy 

Bellus Academy offers a seven-month program that brings certification, along with training and education for Salon Management, Cosmetology and Esthetician studies. Wellness instruction, latest in-demand techniques, and other specialities are the focus on this university based in San Diego, California. 

4. Cerritos University

A public university based in Norwalk, California, this school is highly-ranked as a cosmetology university. Cerritos offers professional Salon Management degrees, Beauty Salon degrees, and General Management courses. Tuition costs are very reasonable; experience value is very high. 

5. Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach State College is the largest of public colleges to offer Salon and Beauty Management programs, operations degrees, and certifications in short-term salon programs. Enrollment averages around 24,000 students, while the degree costs are affordable and suited to students who attend part-time or full-time. 

6. Advance Beauty College

Offering a two-year associate degree, this private, for-profit college is based in Garden Grove, California. Rated #3 in best Cosmetology Instruction and Salon Management in California, the instruction is focused on wellness, natural beauty and organics product management degrees. 

When you consider the specific degrees you can earn and the business potential awaiting your efforts, we hope these colleges and universities will be of interest and that one will call your name to obtain your own degree! 

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