How Can I Bring More Clients To My New Salon?


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Post fliers. And visit malls and put the fliers on peoples cars. Offer current clients a discount for referring someone else and give the new client a discount. Good luck and much success. Also while visiting other stores and when they offer to make a donation in your name to whatever charity and they post up some little balloon or something put the business name on it instead. Hold a contest and give the winner  free product or package. Invite the media to document it.
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You could give existing clients coupons to be  personalized and given to friends. The coupon could be for a discount on the first cut or perm or whatever. When you get back ten coupons from one client, give that client a free hair cut or perm or whatever.
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Try making a myspace account and add as many people as you can. Hang up fliers around your neighbor hood. Tell your clients to tell your clients. Print up some business cards. There's a lot you can do.
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I've tried fliers on cars.  Not one response.  I refuse to offer any discounts because that is all a client wants and you won't see them anymore after that.  I pass out business cards all the time.  I've left stacks of them at nearby business.  Doesn't work.  I offer a send 3 clients referral system but I only have a sign on my station's mirror.  I don't think they notice it.  I need to verbally mention it and hand them 3 cards to each client.  I've used a postcard mailing to high income households in the neighborhood.  That did not work.  I had a magnetic sign with the my salon name, address, phone, and website on the back of my car.  That didn't work.  What may work best is, one, a suggested site Google ad.  Two, advertise in a local publication that doesn't have any or a bunch of other salons ads.  This has worked for me.  I have an ad since January in a local monthly eco-aware/holistic magazine called Natural Awakenings and I've gotten 3 clients.  I have a 6 month commitment and can change the ad for each month, no extra charge.  I'm the only salon in it and it is also very affordable.  But when they ask you to write up a news brief article about you and your business, make sure that you proof read it before it is published.  Because they made so many mistakes.  I was pissed they didn't let me review it first.  Third suggestion, networking, attend every party you either know about or are invited to, meet people, talk up your business and what you specialize in.  If you belong to a gym, introduce yourself and pass out cards.  Join other exercise classes and do the same.  Also, your Chamber of Commerce.  Three, if you do weddings, a wedding magazine that also have public events in which you can have a booth to promote your business is a great idea.  Now, I'm about to try email marketing and see if that works.  Best of luck!
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You can try building a website with a local audience in mind. Build it with interesting content and if the budget permits, hire an SEO expert.

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