Name the key components of digital marketing?


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Social media, email, website, mobile, SEO, content, PPC, blogs and banner ads are some of the effective digital marketing mediums. But, these are expensive and less responsive than the moLotus interactive mobile communication platform, which is cost-effective and a revenue generator. 

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There are several components which involve in digital marketing including your presence on social media, gaining organic traffic through better SEO techniques, email marketing and blogging. For businesses, the brand reputation management techniques go beyond conventional and require many other added elements for better results.

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To give your digital marketing plan the best chance at
success, it is important that it contains the following components.

Value messaging.

Content types.

Marketing automation.

Sales enablement.

Content management.

SEO strategy.

Social media strategy.


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People are using various kinds of devices and platforms so digital marketing has spread widely. There are some key components of digital marketing which is essential for any business to grow.


A website is must for the online presence of an individual or company.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is the most effective way to bring organic traffic. This is the time-consuming process but generates more traffic and sales for every business.

Pay Per Click:

This is a paid campaign where Ad copy is shown to users to drive traffic and conversion. There are multiple platforms including Google, Bing Ads, Facebook and so on where we can run PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing:

Today billions of users are operating social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

We can connect many people and can grow our business with the help of these platforms.

E-mail Marketing:

This is the most affordable and personalized way of marketing through email.

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One of the key points in digital marketing is search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most common and convenient ways to promote your product, company or website by increasing your position in search engines. Such things can offer both Google itself and third-party SEO specialists. I recommend using the google adwords managment tool to improve the quality of your promotion.

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