Hi, I'm hoping someone can direct me to some sites for a freelance graphic designer. Something like where someone would post that the need some business cards designed or a logo. Thanks in advance?


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Danae Hitch answered

I'm not sure there is a place where people that need business cards go, except maybe Craigslist. Have you done any marketing to pull any customers? Have you checked with your city's Chamber of Commerce to see what events are going on in your city? Have you made up any samples of your work that you can hand out wherever you go? People will want to see some of your work, so having samples on hand to give out would be a good idea.

Sitting at home waiting for work to come to you won't be very productive. You need to be actively getting yourself out there, showing your work, going to events, so that people get to know you and what kind of talent you have.

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