What is the average price it worth paying to a designer for marketing stuff like a business card?


3 Answers

Yelena Nelly Profile
Yelena Nelly answered

It depends on what you need. Terms, quality, volume and stuff. Check the freelance sites where you can get a quote

Aly Kanda Profile
Aly Kanda answered

I am for hiring professional staff. If you don't know how to do it, it will be a mess, IMO

Almir Nirzaev Profile
Almir Nirzaev answered

I am not a designer but I used this service to create my company logo. This is a logo creation software with affordable price. Of course, if you feel this is not sufficient, you can try to find someone on freelance - the price will be lower than for a design company. What about the quality -you can ask for portfolios or recommendations - this is the best way to make the choice. Of course, by hiring a company you will have guarantees which I agree, matters.

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