I hate hate HATE interviewing for a job!! I don't think I could even sell my lady parts let alone self myself in an interview. Any suggestions on surviving and nailing an interview?


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Dress well but comfortably. Pay attention to your body language. Nervous hands and crossed arms will not work in your favor, so leave your hands resting easy on your lap. Do some research about the company before the interview. Employers are impressed that you have taken the time to do so. What employers are looking for as well as experience and skills is a great attitude.  A firm handshake and good eye contact is a bonus. During an interview this is your time to shine and sell yourself. Good luck.

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The point I wanna tell is

whenever you are going for an interview just think that the person sitting in front of you knows nothing and think him like a student who wants to gain some knowledge from you. Just think him as a normal person. This will increase your confidence tremendously and will make you calm.

all the best

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Whenever you are going for interview dressed well,control your emotions,good eye contact with that person who is conducting your interview,control your gestures and postures. Try to gather information for that company where you are going fr interview,

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How ironic!!!  I love interviewing and at this point in my life there is no one even slightly interested. As a woman I just have to say, PLEASE don't make the mistake of thinking its a good idea in an interview to "sell your lady parts". 

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